Dental Services

At our general dental office in Randallstown, Maryland we offer a wide range of general dental services.  In addition to basic Dental Care, such as cleanings and check-ups for the entire family, we also offer the following:


Fluoride Application after cleanings: This has been proven to help remineralize the outer layer of the enamel on the teeth and make it less susceptible to decay.

Sealants are another great way to help prevent decay from starting in the deeper grooves of your teeth, especially in the rear molar areas. Bacteria can trap in the deep grooves and pits and when combined with sugars that we eat, they form an acid that starts to breakdown the tooth. A dental sealant will prevent either bacteria or sugars from getting into those deeper grooves. Most children can benefit from sealants and even many adults. More info on SEALANTS.

Cleanings are a major part of regular maintenance to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. In addition to basic professional cleanings, we offer “deeper” cleanings often referred to as root planing and scaling. This is beneficial when you have deeper pockets around your teeth where bacteria can trap and it’s


Teeth Whitening: This has been a hot topic in dentistry for nearly the past thirty years. There are several methods available to whiten your teeth to improve your smile and not every protocol will work for everyone. Some people call it “bleaching’ your teeth. Essentially, there are small pores in the teeth which pick up stains and with any whitening technique, you are “bleaching” the debris or stained material in the microscopic pores leading from the outside to the inside of your teeth. People who drink a lot of coffee or tea or smoke, tend to have darker teeth and with any of the procedures we have available you should be able to get whiter teeth. Check out our page on TEETH WHITENING for more information!

Porcelain Veneers: These are thin shells of custom-made porcelain, similar to a porcelain crown, except much thinner and typically only cover the front of the teeth. In some cases, we can even do them with very minimal preparation of the outer tooth enamel. They can be used to cover stains, correct chips or cracks in teeth or fix spacing or light rotations. Because of this, some people refer to them as “instant orthodontics”.  Visit our page on PORCELAIN VENEERS to find out more!

Tooth Bonding: Many years ago, the only option to dentists was to use gold or amalgam also known as silver-mercury fillings, to fill in a hole in a tooth. Nowadays, we have several varieties of materials and shades available to “bond” tooth structure to restore a chip or repair decay or close a gap in between teeth. In addition to allowing us to do more conservative restorations because these materials are actually bonded to the tooth, they are significantly more esthetic and we can match colors better to your natural tooth. Visit our page on TOOTH BONDING for more info.

INVISALIGN Clear Aligner Orthodontics: This is a great way for people to have straighter teeth without having to wear metal braces. This procedure is discussed under both orthodontics as well as cosmetics for a reason. Many adults who had braces as a child and don’t wish to wear braces again because of relapse, meaning they have additional crowding or rotations after their prior procedures, now can wear invisible aligners to straighten their teeth. These clear plastic custom-made aligners can do close to 80% of the cases that traditional orthodontics can accomplish, but without metal wires! There are some limitations such as severe crowding, rotations over 45 degree, and jaw discrepancies. Our patients love the fact that they can remove them easily to eat, clean or if they have an important meeting to attend. See more on INVISALIGN here.


Crown and Bridge: When you break a tooth because a filling or decay is too large to replace, then a Crown is placed over the tooth to provide a strong structural support to chew with. There are several materials available today, however, the all-porcelain crowns have become one of the more popular options with most of our patients since there is no metal in it and they tend to look more esthetic. A bridge is basically used to replace a missing tooth. The two adjacent teeth are prepared and a three or four unit bridge is put there to restore the esthetics and function in that area. Learn more about CROWNS AND BRIDGES here.

Dentures and Partials. When you are missing most of your teeth or all of your teeth, we may suggest a denture or a partial denture to replace the missing teeth and provide chewing function. These can be made completely out of a hard resin plastic material or they could have porcelain teeth or metal substructures for strength. See more in DENTURES AND PARTIALS section.


Root Canals. A “root canal” essentially refers to having a therapy that removes the infected pulp inside of a tooth and cleaning out the walls and then sealing up that chamber with a medicated plastic sealer. This procedure has come a long way over the past 50 years and the success rate with root canal therapy has risen significantly. Learn more about ROOT CANALS here.

Dental Implants. No area of dentistry has radically changed the way we do dentistry than dental implants. Within the past 35 years, dental implants have gone from being something you may have heard about, but didn’t have a great success rate, to something that is extremely common and has well over 90-95% success rate over 10 years. This is especially true when case selection is properly chosen. There are two phases to dental implants – the surgical phase and the restorative phase. If you are missing one or more teeth or have loose dentures, you will want to read more in our DENTAL IMPLANTS section.

All of these services are provided by the dental practice of David A. Daniel, DDS & Associates at MD Family Dental Care in Randallstown, Maryland.