Preventative Dental Care

Routine dental check-ups, oral exams, dental x-rays, getting professional cleanings and having fluoride treatments and sealants are all examples of Preventative Dental Care. In addition to that, nutritional counseling, cancer screening, home care instructions including brushing and flossing tips are all beneficial to optimal oral health.

Sealants are a great way to prevent your teeth from ever getting a cavity. The most common surfaces that get decay first are the grooves in the tops of the back teeth. A dental sealant can stop that from occurring by “plugging” the grooves in the top of your teeth. More information on sealants can be found here.

At our office, we take only the necessary x-rays to determine what is best needed for your individual situation. We also use digital x-rays which have a significantly lower amount of radiation, thereby being safer for our patients.

By having regular professional cleanings done, we are able to monitor areas where plaque is trapping or areas that are tougher to access, thereby minimizing the risk of decay. Patients who are on medications might get dry mouth which causes the food and bacteria to stick onto the teeth and without saliva, they aren’t washed off or the acids aren’t neutralized, thereby causing potential areas of decay as well.

Fluoride rinses, gel and toothpastes have been shown to minimize tooth decay by creating a protective layer on the outside of the teeth that is resistant to acids.

When we do your initial exam and your follow-up exams, we also are checking for any soft tissue concerns such as red spots, white patches, or raised areas that might be of concern. Again, early diagnosis can prevent what may be starting out as an irritation from cheek biting or denture irritation from turning into anything more serious.

At MD FAMILY DENTAL CARE, we take your oral health seriously at our office and encourage our patients to do the same. We look forward to helping you stay healthy and keeping your teeth as long as possible! )))