Invisalign Orthodontics

We are a general dental office in Randallstown, Maryland and we proudly offer the Invisalign® Orthodontic process to our patients who are interested in straighter and more esthetic looking teeth. Because these are clear aligners, we have seen a significant increase in the number of ADULTS coming to our practice to straighten their teeth.

Unlike traditional braces where you have metal bonded to your teeth, with Invisalign® you only need to wear “nearly invisible clear aligners” to move the teeth into the proper position. Because of the history of development and the millions of cases completed, the process has become very routine and predictable. By switching out a series of clear trays every 1-2 weeks, you gently move your teeth into proper position.

The technology to do this is amazing. We provide impressions and a prescription to Align Technology and they digitize the impressions and virtually move your teeth into the proper position. They create a series of clear trays that gently move the teeth into the next step of the treatment. By changing out trays every 1-2 weeks, you are comfortably and slowly moving your teeth into a new position each time you change out to a new tray.

The first few days with each new tray can be slightly uncomfortable, but within 2-3 days, you won’t even know they are in there. Each tray is worn approximately 22 hours a day to get maximum benefit. You can remove the trays to eat, speak or clean your teeth. The exact movements for each tooth are planned out multiple steps in advance.

When you come in for your orthodontic visits, you basically are trading in your old trays for a new set of trays. Most of the time, we will give our patients 2-3 trays at a time, in order to best monitor them and make sure the teeth are “tracking” properly and fitting snugly.

CASE 1. Upper Front teeth rotated and upper arch expansion

Before After
Before After

CASE 2. Lower anterior crowding and lower arch expansion

Before After

CASE 3. Upper arch crowding and rotations corrected with expansion-

Before After

CASE 4. Significant ortho spacing correction in the front teeth-

Before After

How long does it take to do Invisalign®?

The typical treatment timeframe for Invisalign® is between 9-24 months. This all depends upon the complexity of the individual case. In cases with severe crowding or larger spacing, we might refer out to an orthodontist.

Can Invisalign® be used for all orthodontic treatment?

While approximately 80% of the cases qualify for Invisalign® clear aligners, there are times when traditional orthodontics may be indicated. This would include any of the following:

  • Compliance challenges with wearing the trays for at least 22 hours a day.
  • Children with “mixed dentition” where you have a combination of adult and baby teeth in the mouth. Teeth are “erupting” and teeth are “falling out”, makes it challenging for adapting the trays.
  • Skeletal discrepancies. If a person has a severe overjet or under bite, or cross bite that we are trying to correct, these types of conditions may be better treated with external forces that can best be applied using brackets and wires and rubber bands.
  • Severe uprighting of teeth over 45 degrees angle.
  • Closing larger spaces. Since the forces are usually applied to the crown of the tooth, it may be hard to physically move the root along with the tooth without adding additional lower forces onto the teeth when trying to close spaces.

Call our office in the Baltimore area to see if you are a candidate for Invisalign® Orthodontics. Let our experienced dentists David A. Daniel, DDS & Associates help you make your smile it’s best.